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Fluid Bed Dryer System

Compared to conventional dryers, the provided Fluid Bed Dryer System offers faster drying times. Because of how straightforward these tools are, less labor is needed. The required time for drying is low because of these equipments, which makes drying of thermolabile material easier.


Tablet Press Machine

Although there are additional uses for these tablet press machines, they are mostly used in the pharmaceutical sector to create tablet forms of medications. To make tablets for the cosmetics industry and other cleaning products, these machines may also be employed.

Double Cone Blender

The Double Cone Blender is a flexible piece of equipment for thoroughly blending dry powders and any kind of granule. The conical shape makes it possible for highly even mixing and simple discharge. Large capacities are no problem for them, and cleaning, loading, and unloading are simple.

Octagonal Blender

The Octagonal Blender works effectively whenever a fine blending of dry grains or powder is required. This amalgamation system for mixing and lubricating is well-organized and flexible. To conduct research and development, they are utilized in laboratories.


Blister Packing Machine

These blister packing machines are used to package smaller, consistently shaped solid items, such as prescription tablets, capsules, and draperies.  Both fixed and movable components are present in these devices. These components provide product packing and sealing within pre-formed cavities.


Rapid Mixer Granulator
The Rapid Mixer Granulator is a versatile pharmaceutical tool that facilitates efficient mixing and granulation processes. Its high-speed mixing capability ensures uniform and homogenous blends, enhancing product quality. With advantages like reduced processing time and enhanced productivity, it finds widespread use in pharmaceutical and chemical industries, ensuring optimal results.
Automatic Capsule Loader
The Automatic Capsule Loader simplifies pharmaceutical production by efficiently loading capsules into the filling machine. With user-friendly controls and automation, it enhances precision and speed in the encapsulation process. Its advantages include increased productivity, reduced manual labor, and improved accuracy, making it an essential tool in pharmaceutical manufacturing.
Tablet Coating Machine
The Tablet Coating Machine revolutionizes pharmaceutical manufacturing by providing an efficient solution for coating tablets. With features like adjustable drum speed and automated controls, it ensures uniform coating, enhancing product quality. Its advantages include reduced processing time, improved efficiency, and precise coating application, making it indispensable in pharmaceutical production.
Sieving Machine
The Sieving Machine is a crucial tool for efficient particle separation in various industries. With features like adjustable sieves and high-capacity screening, it ensures accurate and uniform particle sizing. Its advantages include improved product quality, reduced downtime, and increased productivity, making it essential for effective material processing.
Ribbon Blender
The Ribbon Blender is a versatile mixing solution for diverse industries. With a unique ribbon design and customizable features, it ensures thorough and homogeneous blending of powders and granules. Its advantages include efficient mixing, reduced processing time, and versatility, making it a key component in various manufacturing processes.
Sieve Shaker Machine

A broad variety of Sieve Shaker Machines are something we provide. The machine is made from premium raw materials that meet all recognized industry requirements. This sieve shaker is available in a variety of sizes and is highly requested in the industry for its quality and performance.

Edge Runner Machine

We provide a comprehensive range of high-quality edge runner machines with numerous applications in various industries. The high-performance equipment that we offer has the ability to deliver quality work in the shortest amount of time.

Capsule Counter

We provide high-quality capsule counters, and the machine we offer is made specifically to fit your unique form and size. They are easy to manage by any untrained laborer since they are lightweight and simple to use. It prevents manual mistakes while counting the amount of capsules, saving time.

Laboratory Mass Mixer

The laboratory mass mixer is specifically made for the chemical, food, and pharmaceutical sectors and is used to mix both dry and liquid substances equally. The motor, gearbox, mixing drum, stirrer, and tilting mechanism are all parts of the mixer's rigidly built construction.


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